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Fast Films screen Sunday, March 14, at LaSells Stewart Center

Today’s the day! At 5pm, Sunday, March 14, you can join in voting for the 2010 Audience Favorite Fast Film. The screening of 2010 Fast Films will be in Theater 1 at LaSells Stewart Center. Come on down and help us select the Audience Favorite Fast Film for 2010!

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Torey’s Distraction: a tale of humanity, hope and healthcare

A group of kids, around age 6 or so are in a playground on a jungle gym. One of them, a young girl, is particularly desirous of engaging the other kids in play, but the other kids run away. They stand apart, staring, as she continues trying to lure them into a game. Then, with the amazing ingenuity and creative powers that children are blessed with at that age, the kids discover a way to incorporate the girl into the action.

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